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Products Covered under the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Currently, the BIS has incorporated the following two products within the scope of the CoC scheme.

Standphilllindia dedicated to explaining the essential role of the BIS Certificate of Conformity (CoC) in India. At our company, we prioritize adherence to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) guidelines, making the BIS CoC a cornerstone of our commitment to quality and compliance. The BIS CoC, a testament to our products' conformity with Indian standards, plays a pivotal role in assuring the reliability and safety of our offerings. Through our meticulous BIS CoC process, manufacturers gain the advantage of seamlessly navigating product manufacturing and sales across India. This certification is not just a mark; it's a statement of our dedication to meeting the stringent quality criteria set by the national standards body. Experience the benefits of our BIS CoC, where adherence to guidelines and commitment to quality converge seamlessly..

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