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BIS Licence For Toys

As mentioned, ISI and FMCS are certification schemes applicable to toys depending on whether a manufacturer is Indian or Foreign. Below-mentioned is the certification process.

As outlined earlier, ISI and FMCS are vital certification schemes applicable to toys, dependent on whether the manufacturer is Indian or foreign. Let's delve into the certification process. To initiate the BIS certification of toys, an application must be duly filed. Subsequently, a comprehensive factory inspection is conducted to evaluate the manufacturing unit, the toys production process, and related aspects. During this inspection, product samples are withdrawn for testing in an accredited third-party laboratory. The resulting test report is meticulously reviewed, and a certificate is issued if the product aligns with the established standards. This streamlined process ensures that toys entering the market, whether domestically manufactured or imported, meet the stringent quality and safety criteria set by the certification schemes. Keywords: BIS certification, ISI certification, FMCS certification, toys manufacturing, factory inspection, third-party laboratory testing, .

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